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Welcome to the home page of, the website created to hold the results of over forty years of research into the Cracroft family.

The name appears in several variants: Cracroft, Craycroft, Craycraft, Crecroft, Crecraft, etc. but one thing my research has proven to me is that these are not separate families but one large family where the passage of time has caused different branches to adapt the spelling of the surname.

Although my research into the English Cracrofts has been comprehensive, there are still branches of the family in overseas countries of which I have no detailed knowledge. Any information about these remoter branches would be much appreciated.

The information in this web site is for anyone to use, but I would ask the courtesy of an acknowledgement wherever it is used. I would, however, ask that none of the information is entered in genealogical databases suck as, Rootsweb, etc. I have no objections to information about the family appearing in these databases but I would like to be the one who enters the information into the databases so that (a) I can ensure that it is entered accurately, and (b) I am registered as the "owner" of the information. I am afraid that I have come across several instances of my research being "passed off" as being that of others and I naturally wish to minimise this wherever possible.

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